Tuesday, July 17, 2007


My trip to Wimbledon on a wet saturday. From what I knew about wimbledon and it being a host of major tennis event globally, I had an image of the town as a modern, developed town and it was everything but. I shall come to it at the end...

First snap, as you can see it is a very dark and there is lots of rain around. There are guided tours every hour/two of the complex and for my round, there were just 2 visitors - yours truly and a middle aged lady from somewhere in the US.

The two trophies...

There are two 'show'/'stadium' courts at Wimbledon, the No.1 court and the Centre court. Above you see two photos of the no.1 court.

This is the place where during the 'Championship' they put up the large screen and crowds gather eating the wimbledon famous strawberry cream! Wouldn't I just love to be there during the tournament... One day...!

The side courts - there are 19 in all and a couple for the members...

Yours truly giving a press briefing after a tough 5 set victory against Roger Federer! This is incidently the press briefing room where the players appear for post match interviews.

The famed Centre Court

Another view of the Centre Court, to the right is the 'Royal Box', obviously empty.

A panoramic pic of the Wimbledon complex.

The last 2 snaps give a sense of how rustic this place actually it. Wimbledon is very close to the woods (forest). In fact so close that during off season, the guys run an electric fence around both the show courts as otherwise foxes enter the complex and ruin the court.

Though it was raining and very cold, it was an afternoon spent well spent.