Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Business-Standard goof ups

Business Standard is one of the leading business newspapers in India. I read it often and especially find its editorials interesting.

However, it often goofs up when it comes to the picture on its webpage and the caption under it. This inevitably happens at the time of market opening gets corrected within a reasonable amount of time (I have got mails from friends saying that by the time my mail used to reach them, BS would have corrected the error) but I get to it first!

So here are some of the BS goof ups - look at the image and caption below it

Curiously, all the goof ups that I have captured seem to happen when the markets have moved significantly! Time to run some correlations...


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

My Campus - MDI, Gurgaon

...I spent two of the most important years of my life at MDI. Whenever I reflect back on those years, I become very nostalgic. Not only were the experiences that I gained there of immense value to me, but it was a very beautiful place. I cannot put on display my experiences, but I can give you a glimpse of how beautiful the place is. Here you go...

MDI from top, Google Earth. A quick rundown of the layout of the campus - Closest near right are the academic blocks. Further along the right next we have the NMP hostel, the tennis and badminton courts follow next and then followed by library and computer centre and finally the main reception.

On the left hand side you have the parking slots, followed by boys hostel (the U shaped structure), then the mess followed by ladies hostel. The vacant plot next is actuall now built up with a spanking new MDP block.

Now, a close up look at each of them individually!

The academic blocks 'Renaissance' where most of the lectures are held

Inside the Academic block. Lecture halls on both sides. The small water fall in the centre was named ' Viagra Falls' by we the students.

The backside of Academic block - place where the mess boys used to play cricket/soccer

Our dear Jha Ji - just behind the Academic block, the venue for a quick frooti or pattice or sandwich in the evenings or just in between lectures. One of our finance professors used this example at identifying good businesses. Jha Ji's business had one of the highest possible RoI, but it lacked scale, so he would say you need to identify business which have a high RoI but also the possibility of being able to deploy more and more capital and relatively high incremental RoI. If you get that, you have a multi-bagger in your hands!

Two photos (one from beside the road, one from top of Acad block) of the back road connecting the Academic block to the main reception - this road is beautiful, if only I had a girlfriend to walk alongside with!

Backside of the NMP hostel (Nalanda) taken from the top of Academic block

Our (in!?)famous golf course - which we saw seldom being used. There was a proposal at one time discussed within the student council to get a coach to teach golf - vehemently opposed by me. Some would like to jog or in winters study in the sun. The foreign students who would come here on exchange program would want to sunbathe here - if there were girls, then many guys would use the road alongside for their 'travelling' purpose!

Takshila - this was a new construction during our time (in fact construction started and completed during our stay). Meant to be the mess for participants at the Executive or Management development programs. It was simply amazing from inside (compared to our mess of course - we got to see it from inside during our placements). And of course another statue in front. The small hump in the lawn that you see just before the staue is titled 'Camels hump' - do not know the reason.

Takshila during night - an amazing sight!

The site of midnight badmintion/tennis/box cricket matches

The main reception, this is typically the place where guests/companies would come for their formal purposes - lectures, programs, placements etc. We had a gate near our hostel for our daily use.

The statue of Buddha inside the main reception - our director is quite fond of such statues! We also have a statue of Swami Vivekanand near the library

The computer centre - the venue for last minute rush during project submission deadlines and also the venue for 'surprise' quizzes by one Prof. B.S.Sahay!

The library - aptly names 'Gyan grih' or house of knowledge translated. A place I seldom visited - really! And of course another staue. Swami Vivekanand this time.

Nescafe - our daily 'Maggi' venue. I do not think cumulatively from now now till end of my life I will eat more Maggi than what I ate in my two years there. This place was most occupied busy post midnights - especially if it was someone's birthday. Just on the left of this we had our canteen where we got decent Sanwiches and Paratha's and of course for the smoking public their supply of cigarettes. Both places would be open till about 3am.

The only disturbing part of Nescafe was that it always would be manned by children - under 14 years of age at times. Many of us were fond of this one child who had come from Nepal here and used to slog for almost 18 hours a day for a paltry sum of 30-50 rupees a day with no schooling. Always thought we ought to have done something for these kids (we would of course give them some woollen clothes during winters) - but never actually took the initative. Sometime later that kid disappeared - never got to know where he went, guess somewhere similar to this - he continues to slog with no education far away from his parents. Life is unfair.

Our play ground - place for cricket and football matches. And of course the yoga classes during induction - who can forget that!

Our main hostel - aptly titled 'Change Masters' Our director would often refer to his students as 'Change Masters' who would go out into the corporate battle field and be masters at handling, initiating 'change'.

Inside our hostel - clothes being dried, it was tough in winters. But a hot water shower at 2 am and then sleep was my normal routine. Me being very fond of sleep, would inevitably miss the 8.30 class and at times even the 12.00 class. Distinctly remember missing a 12.00 class of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and losing a quiz which the Prof would not allow me to rewrite inspite of such pretty ingenuous excuses. Scored a B in that paper - my worst showing of all papers.

My room, as usual in complete mess. I used to occupy the nearside and my room partner the far side. His side of the room was markedly better kept than mine - always!

It gets very foggy here during winter. These photos were taken at 9.30 in the morning and you can hardly see a thing. Distinctly remember when we were in our first year and we had reached our first break and almost every body was heading home. It was 24th Dec and everyone travelling by plane ended up spending their Christmas eve in a 5 star hotel as all flights were cancelled. I was in Centaur and that was my first visit to a 5 star hotel!

Our mess on 1st floor and ground floor. The food actually was not that bad - but eating same thing almost everyday or every third day does bring boredom.

The 'pigeon' holes - every person had his own box where he got quiz papers, notices, anwer scripts, grades etc. Similarly every prof has one where we submit our project reports etc.

Down town gurgaon from top of Academic block

A truly beautiful place isn't it - the campus?


Ganapati - 2005

While I am in the 'Ganapati' mood, I thought I might as well post photos of Ganapati 2005. I also happened to have a photo of 'Work in Progress' - Idol making in progress.

Work in progress - preparation of idol making typically starts 3 weeks before the festival. The actual making of the idol does not take much time (as per my uncle he makes and remakes the idol depending on what 'pose' of Lord Ganesh he has in mind) - the biggest time being consumed for the drying of the idol as it is monsoon time during the festival.

the Lord at his place - just before the pooja

post the pooja - with his favourite 'red' flower offerings

'Hartalika' besides the Lord.

What you see on the left hand side is a model of our 'family' house in Pune. It was under construction last year.


Monday, September 18, 2006

Ganapati - 2006

It would be a fairly auspicous way to start this photoblog by posting photos of Lord Ganesh. These photos are of the Ganesh idol from our house and before the photos it is worth pointing a few things that make the way Ganapati festival is celebrated in our family unique - very unique.

  • Firstly, the idol has always been made by hand by someone from within the family. First it used to be my grandmother, but now in the nineties she finds it difficult so the responsibility has been taken over by my eldest uncle. This has been the practice unchanged for almost 4 decades!
  • Secondly, the idol is made out of 'shadu' clay which very quickly dissolves in water and the 'shadu' clay itself being from river banks, does not pollute the water in anyway.
  • Thirdly, since late 90s, we stopped doing visarjan in wells or public 'visarjan' places. We do 'visarjan' of the Ganesh idol in our home itself and once the idol dissolves in water, the water is put into plants. This ensures that we at least do not cause the silting of wells or lakes.
  • Finally, we do not use any polythene or thermocol for decorations. Only flowers, paper and other 'eco-friendly' products are used. Even the colors used in painting the idol, paper, cardboard etc are simple water colors.

Now the photos! Enjoi...

Ganapati bappa moraya... pudchya varshi lavkar ya...